Welcome on my personal blog. My name is Sahar and here a few things I would like to share about me:

  • I am a French and Iranian national. I have traveled the world and worked in over 20 countries. I have lived in the past 10 years in Switzerland. I speak 6 languages (French, Farsi, English, Spanish, German and Italian). I consider myself a citizen of the world. Historical and cultural border separations make no sense to me and while I notice changes as I travel around, from one culture, landscape, climate… to another, I really don’t need a national or patriotic identity.
  • I belong to the stars, Mother Earth, humanity, womanhood, sisterhood, motherhood and much more. I often feel lonely and the more I learn to stand on my own feet and feel that deep connection to all there is, alone, this loneliness becomes sweet and I am more present to my loved ones and all the strangers I meet each day.
  • I am made of contradicting forces that sometimes fight within me, sometimes dance, sometimes ask to be given full attention. It’s my work to keep these forces moving and see them for what they are.
  • I am intellectual and intuitive; I am graceful and angry; I am here and I wander off into other dimensions; I source myself from somewhere else and I learn to enjoy the taste of life on Earth.
  • Compassion is an old friend I am dating again, getting to know each other for the first time each day. It’s sometimes Bonnie and Clyde; sometimes very platonic.
  • I have deep fears and it matters to me to face them all. I sometimes wonder if that is not the whole point of this human existence.
  • I used to have a shining career and put all my energy into work. I have worked for 13 years in multinational corporations for fast moving consumer goods of ubiquitous brands. I still haven’t really understood why! Must be part of my contradictions…
  • I write because I need to. It’s my way to make my ideas and wanderings tangible. It’s also the way my higher self speaks to me.
  • I share my writings in the hope that someone out there will understand, echo, resonate. May it be helpful to you who are reading.



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