Why does it matter to rethink control?


I am preparing for an interview with a young Swiss start-up who has asked me to share strategic thoughts about their expansion and maturation. In our first exchange, the CEO mentioned that it mattered a lot to her that the structure remains flat because “nobody wants to be controlled”.

I couldn’t agree more to that and it makes me think about the prison that control creates for an organisation, for its team-members and for the larger ecosystem that it caters for and lives in.

Control is the polar opposite of creation. We can’t be one with life and control it at the same time.

In corporations and human organisations at large, there is a given belief that operates like a cosmic collusion that control is necessary to the course of action and to make things happen. Control goes hand in hand with efficiency, speed, effectiveness and safety.

It’s such a widespread belief that everyone seems to forget that these are just perceived qualities that have actually nothing to do with reality.

I invite you to question your own thoughts: do you BELIEVE you are more efficient and faster and more effective  and safer when you are in control or is it REAL?

Life itself is out of control and so many of us are still trapped in this lost case of trying to put more and more controls and rules and regulations and reports and safety nets so we may feel in CONTROL.

How many of these rules are actually working?

I grew up in a country (beloved France) which LOVEs rules and so much so that every time something seems not to work, a new rule or law is added up. Dealing with administration gives stomach ache to pretty much everyone; working with a French company is the nightmare of most other companies in the world. I know personally dozens of people who sigh in despair when they recall their experience with working with the French and hoping “never again”. Too complex, too regulated, too many constraints. It’s draining…

What do we think we will gain by controlling more and more?

Peace of mind? Joy? Gratitude? Freedom?

Well, we might as well relax right now and accept reality for what it is : out of our control.

Please questions those places where you think you have control and genuinely conduct an examination whether you really have control or you’re abiding to the status-quo and the illusion of safety through a controlling mindset.

It is very scary for the mind to agree to let go of its controlling grip. I know this all too well because I was myself a control aficionado; until I realised that the very one thing I was yearning for, I was myself denying it from me by planning, anticipating, analysing, reporting and putting things into control. This one thing is to be in flow with life.

To live a creative life and trust in everything that life brings as something I can deal with is exciting enough for me to shift from my old paradigm.

I wish this triggers thoughts and make you question your own relationship to control. Please share with others who may also find it triggering.


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