Does success have to come with hard work?

Hummingbird by Tilen Ti

There is no secret to life. I know it from all my spiritual studies and endeavours, my relationships and life stories. There simply is no secret to life. Yet, every now and then, this deeply engrained belief that there must be some mysterious, hidden, codified grid of mystic answer that I can only find through hard work and consistent search of committed discipline catches me in the gut and blurs my mind.

Success, if it ever comes, is not in the hands of humans and hard work, I mean real hard work where we sweat our blood is a pre-requisite.

How many of us are trapped in this belief?  Are you trapped in this belief?

I certainly carry this somewhere in my field and every now and then, it pops to the surface.

In my case, I know where it’s coming from. I have behind me a lineage of Persian mystic devotees; the whirling dervish runs in my blood and I carry in my heart this poignant image of an old sage with a long white beard covering his bent knees while he is relentlessly studying at the dim light of a candle into the infinite depth of Gods words.

But what is a belief? It’s just an idea that has consciousness and so it finds its way through us to live its life. And we, in our limited awareness, take it for granted. We think:

  • it must be true because I feel it in my body
  • it must be true because so many others experience it too
  • it must be true because it is my experience

And this is where we completely lose sight of who we are: FREEDOM BEINGS.

Why not consciously decide to get inspired by Hummingbird? This tiny little bird who excels at stillness in motion and who says YES to the call of life.

At any point in time, we have the choice to choose how we want to experience reality. Any belief is a construction. ANY BELIEF IS A CONSTRUCTION. Not matter what we may think, IT IS JUST A CONSTRUCTION.

It doesn’t matter how it got created; which horrible pain we went through to create it; which dreadful experience triggered it or what ecstatic moment of bliss we lost and desperately search for again beating ourselves up that we must have done something to be kicked out of paradise.

Honestly, it’s all just stories. Drop it.

It’s easier said that done. I know, it’s only after a decade of personal work, intense healing and self deconstruction that I am now able to see myself more clearly, disentangle myself from my fears, daily worries, spiritual aspirations, heavy emotions, wounds….. So I don’t claim it’s instantaneous.

However, there is something called : FREE WILL. and every human being is carrying this wonderful capacity inside. Practising free will works.

Success doesn’t have to come with hard work.  But it is also important to understand that success doesn’t always come either. It’s a natural law. If there is success, so there is also failure. If you experience success, then you also experience failure. It’s as simple as that.

Let go of any charge towards success, failure, hard work, easy work.

Just go do your work!

As I reflect on this, I feel free from attachment to success and I wonder what is my work. How am I going to shape it today? What do I want to achieve? What gives me passion and joy? Not because I have to be passionate and joyful but because I choose to.

I leave this open and look forward to what the day will bring, in gratitude for another day full of life!










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