In this company, we don’t do this

Never Ending Race by JeeYoung Lee

I read somewhere on LinkedIn that we should not talk about politics or private life.  The French have a very beautiful way of putting it: Ca ne se fait pas. We just don’t do this.

Somewhere in the back of your brain, this sentence may have been engraved for life and possibly several lives. It’s so intrinsic that our instinct compels us to raise our children this way. We think it’s education to mark them with the hot fire of a threat: if you ever behave this way…. And we, children, imagined the worst and so today, even as adults we don’t trespass. We still obey, we still comply, in the fear of being … sent to hell right away?

Table manners, volume of speech, order, body posture, clothes, appearance, language, emotions.. everything is screened and has to comply. Maybe you were one such child. I certainly was. I even excelled as an internal auditor in a previous life, until the boundaries of right and wrong that were imposed on me became so tight I could no longer breathe.

So what is right or wrong to share on a professional platform? Who says what fits and not, what is professional or not?

Hereby, I want to give you permission to share the following on LinkedIn:

  1. If the future of our planet, yours and mine, is at stake because a pre-teen turned president has decided to show his power, I would love to read how you feel because it’s human.
  2. If you have been deeply touched by a colleague, a vendor, a client, I want to hear your experience because it’s human.
  3. If you dream of a corporate world where the voice of every employee has the same value and power, I want to hear your political views on organisations because it touches me too.
  4. If you struggle to be present at your best at work and with your children and your wife and your parents, your friends and still find just a little bit of time for yourself after you’ve done the grocery shopping for the week, I want to hear it too because most of us human beings share the same issue in some form or another

So please, don’t only share on LinkedIn posts that make you look good, great, fantastic, utterly intelligent and unbeatable because even though that’s also human, it makes the discussion bland.

I take a bet that if we share more of vulnerability and real life questions on this professional network, we would feel more alive, more human, more open to each other, more compassionate at work and better human beings.

What do you think? Please, don’t be shy, let me know. I am very interested and would appreciate your input.


One thought on “In this company, we don’t do this

  1. Bravo! Points 1 and 4 resonate fully.
    In general, I could not agree more : showing vulnerability is actually a real strength. It means being aware, being willing to improve and understand the whys and not to keep growing. It means being open and strong enough to ask for help. All this can only result in truthful relationships with family, friends and colleagues.
    The problem is knowing how to dose that level of openness. Without respect for other people’s time, clear social awareness or a little emotional etiquette, we get to the exact situations you mentioned where people believe they can do and be anything (even though they have either not done the work for it or lack qualifications for the biggest job).

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