21 bad habits for change: ready for a new start?

I like to use the change of seasons to reflect on my behavior and sense-check if I am on track vs. my set goals. I built this habit from a wonderful advice shared by Michael Hyatt in his e-book Creating your life plan (you can get a free download here: life plan).

As the winter season is approaching, my introspection got me to sadly  realize a couple bad habits blocking the way to peel the onion.

Here are the 21 things on my list I should become more mindful of and eradicate this winter. Have a peak for your own review:

  1. Thinking that life owes me something
  2. Playing the victim (poor me)
  3. Rejecting full responsibility for my behavior
  4. Forgetting to be grateful for each moment of life
  5. Getting entangled in my thoughts / internal drama
  6. Judging others / discarding them
  7. Comparing myself to others
  8. Becoming lazy and complacent
  9. Procrastinating a hard decision
  10. Flattering others’ egos
  11. Surrendering to anger
  12. Listening without my full attention
  13. Listening with my judgment instead of my ears
  14. Telling others what they should do without them asking for advice
  15. Accepting less than the very best intention
  16. Mixing up compassionate love and selfish love
  17. Wasting time in insignificant discussions
  18. Doubting my inner resources and intelligence
  19. Letting my impatience take the lead on my actions
  20. Trying to change others
  21. Worrying about the future

 It’s great to realize what we want to change about ourselves, so now, let’s do it!



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