What happened on the magic mountain: the gift of meditation

Sometimes we receive a precious gift and we actually realize we do, unlike the rest of the time.

A precious gift can’t be kept for oneself and should only be shared with care.

Here is the story of a precious gift you may benefit from.

Some time ago my yoga teacher told me his meditation teacher.

Still, one of my voices within was telling me: meditation is the thing you need.

  • the books I had read on meditation were not helping me progress
  • you don’t simply google up “great meditation teacher nearby” and bingo
  • my yoga teacher definitely deserved my trust

Six months later, I was ready to give it my best.

I have just spent a week on the Magic Mountain, above Davos (Switzerland), following a wonderful meditation class.

I went out of deep curiosity for what this could reveal. I returned home tired but with a light heart filled with beautiful encounters and a clear mind enthused over what was laying ahead of me. A clear path for practice.

What a magical gift!

Dear reader, we all seek happiness.

We sometimes grasp a glimpse of it and try with creative strategies to replicate these moments. They don’t last. We get hurt so much so that we pretend we don’t care anymore and close ourselves in a cynical negation or drown in restless illusions. We get entangled in our own little dramas and waste the opportunity every day gives us to live it fully.

Here is the gift I wanted to share with you now: There is nothing to seek. Happiness is the way.

Now you may wonder what is the way? It is compassion and loving kindness.

You are the only one who can discover it for yourself. For me, the way is practicing yoga and meditation until happiness and way become one clear view.

Maybe this could also be your way? Check out what your little voice tells you.

“One needs to learn to see the own mind directly”. Milarepa

What if this was what you were also looking for? Let me know if you are interested!



5 thoughts on “What happened on the magic mountain: the gift of meditation

  1. dear peeled onion, your post moved me so much, it made me cry. thank you for the beautiful thoughts. i have practiced meditation and realize that more and more of friends enjoy it as well. christiane(from the TED conference, remember? :))

    1. Dear Christiane,
      What a lovely surprise to hear from you!
      Of course I remember you. How could I not?
      I am glad that you enjoyed the read and thank you for sharing your experience. Great to know more of us are on the path!!
      Would love to see you if you are in town!
      Have a great day, Sahar

  2. Dear Sahar,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us in a so clear and poetical way.
    It is so nice to know you and to have met all the kind people at the retreat in Davos.
    I really feel so lucky and blessed!
    Warmest greetings

  3. Dear Sahar
    thank you for your wonderful post and thank you for letting us share it with you.
    warmest regards
    looking forward to see you next Sunday

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