Keep those two feet on the ground

I tried to solve the complex equation of Life with the tools at my disposal: analysis, diagnostic reasoning, critical thinking, values frameworks and a bunch of other brainy tools elaborated through years of consistent French and business educations. Vanity.

“Man is born to live, not to prepare for life” – Boris Pasternak.

Foolish? Arrogant? Titanesque? The more answers I sought, the more questions were adding up to my equation and though I was enjoying connecting some dots sometimes, I was clearly not getting to THE ANSWER and worse, I was forgetting to LIVE in the process.

Wasn’t that enough of a sign to move on? I found inspiration in the following guiding principles:

  1. The answer to Life is not to be found through analysis and mental constructions. Let go and magic will unexpectedly sparkle around the corner of a smile, the infinity of nature, the discipline of observation.
  2. Develop a true sense of gratitude for yourself, for others, for the universe. This softens your soul and makes a fertile soil for deep opening. There is no answer. All is here, now, before our eyes. So I decided to educate my eyes to see.
  3. Smile often, smile a lot. I don’t mean a stupid smile (though there is no stupid smile). I mean a smile connected to the reality of now. There is beauty everywhere. Why not focus our attention on it? Smile to yourself, to your colleagues, to the world, the strangers in the streets. Try it out! You will see, you’ll be happier.
  4. Observe yourself. How many times do we live as well organized automatons, letting our mind guide us  where it feels comfortable? Seriously, do you even realize all the words you say, the mimics and the thoughts you have, the actions you take? Most often, I don’t and when I sometimes do, getting rid of old habits is such a pain. But I don’t give up because cleaning the house is the only way to make space for what we really want.

That’s it. The day I have implemented these all, I know I will have made a big step. To help me on the journey, I often remember what Manorama told me once: “You can’t swallow the ocean with a straw”.


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